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PHOENIX, AZ - JANUARY 13, 2022--(GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—Tombstone Exploration Corporation (OTCQB: TMBXF), a fully reporting U.S. based mining company, announced today in combination with Goldrock Resources Inc. and the Bonanza Mining Company, that as of the end of January 2022 the processing facility at the Bonanza Harquahala Mine will be operating 24/7.

TMBXF and the Bonanza Mining Corporation have completed six successful pours of gold and silver since starting its Heap Leach Operation in Arizona, July 2021, and work is continuing to build the much bigger operation going into 2022.  The crushing contract has been awarded to DV Gravel and Exploration of Eureka, NV.  DV Gravel has begun to move their equipment to site.  Conveyors and dozer have arrived on site, and the remaining equipment is to be transported this week and ready to start.  The site preparation for the crusher and set up to follow. We will start the rock crushing and expect to be putting 25,000 tons monthly of rock on the pad over the next three months and then increasing to 50,000 tons per month. As we put more rock on the pad the production deliveries should increase to bi-monthly. After five to ten days of new rock being put on the pad, we will start having our processing facility running twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. 

The piping upgrade is continuing for solution movement to accommodate a higher flow rate.  The piping from the pregnant pond to the carbon columns have been upgraded to 4” from 3” tubes, which will handle higher flow rate which increases the production of processed minerals.  All the necessary parts needed for increase in number of pads have been ordered, such as pipe, wobblers and connectors. The operators are being hired on a timely basis, and being trained and teaching the culture of safe operation. 

The Company is following all protocols with “Culture and Safety” and “Protecting the Environment.” Fencing has been erected around the HL Pad to keep the animals out of the area and sound cannons have been set up to keep the birds away from the ponds.

Alan Brown, TMBXF President & CEO, commented, “We are pleased with the project as we enter 2022 and completing the test phase over the last 6 months at the Bonanza Mine. As we enter 2022, I would also like to commend Kiedoch Kim, our new Process Facility Manager, in hitting the ground running on December 1, 2021 as he follows all safety and environmental protocols, and he has upgraded the facility changes needed to turn the project into a 24/7 operation.”

The Bonanza Mine property includes the Harquahala and Golden Eagle mines, located approximately eight miles south of Salome, Arizona.  The project totals 2,656 acres and has significant potential for gold and silver production in multiple phases moving forward.  The Bonanza Mine is located where the Prolific Walker Lane & the Sonoran Geosyncline overlap, with likely extensions of Carlin Trend and Mesquite-style mineralization, generating Arizona’s biggest, richest gold deposits.


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